The Queenslander

Published between 1866 and 1939, The Queenslander was the weekly summary of the Brisbane Courier (now The Courier Mail) newspaper . This weekly edition enabled the news to be distributed to the regional and outlying areas of the state.

Twitter and Facebook Forerunners
Strange as it may seem to children of today, computer was an unknown word let alone a common household item. Instead of posting on Twitter or Facebook to share your life with the wider community, you wrote a letter (using pen or pencil and paper), sealed it in an envelope, addressed the envelope to a newspaper or magazine, bought a stamp at the Post Office, licked the gum on the back of the stamp and stuck it to the front of the envelope, then dropped the envelope into the post box.
Finally, weeks later, your letter would appear in the newspaper/magazine and lots of people could read about what was happening in your life.
Here is one Eulo child's posting in the "Queenslander"