Come By Chance
Stay A While


Enjoy a range of hearty home style meals fresh from our kitchen

Hearty home cooked and continental breakfasts.

• Try our signature dish, the Eulo Queen Special Sausages – half a kilo of spicy beef sausage with your choice of farm grown veges or garden fresh salad.

• Tea, coffee, snacks, take aways and packed lunches.

• Camp oven dinners available for special occasions.

• Catering for small or large groups is a specialty

"I shall leave my home, and forthward wander stoutly to the northward
Till I come by chance across it, and I'll straightway settle down,
For there can't be any hurry, nor the slightest cause for worry
Where the telegraph don't reach you nor the railways run to town.
And one's letters and exchanges come by chance across the ranges,
Where a wiry young Australian leads a pack-horse once a week,
And the good news grows by keeping, and you're spared the pain of weeping
Over bad news when the mailman drops the letters in the creek."

(Extract from Banjo Paterson's story of "Come by Chance") history accomodation pub and meals Attractions -Eulo contact details - Eulo Queen Hotel