The Old Bark School
You"ll find Eulo 70 km west of Cunnamulla in South West Queensland on the bitumen sealed Adventure Way.
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Eulo has an airstrip to RFDS standards (insert lat/long and strip length) and fly ins are welcome. The airstrip is a 300 metre walk from the hotel or you can make prior arrangements for Jeffrey or Janelle to pick you up.
Skytrans operates 2 services a week from Brisbane to Cunnamulla.

Are we there yet?
Coach Qld runs 3 services a week from Toowoomba to Cunnamulla with a connection on to Eulo.
Q-Rail runs the Westlander service from Brisbane to Cunnamulla twice a week

Excerpts from Henry Lawson's
"The Old Bark School"
"It was built of bark and poles, and the roof was full of holes
Where each leak in rainy weather made a pool;
And the walls were mostly cracks lined with calico and sacks-
There was little need for windows in the school.

Then we rode to school and back by the rugged gully-track,
On the old grey horse that carried three or four;
And he looked so very wise that he lit the Master's eyes
Every time he put his head in at the door. "