Cycling in Corner Country

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You will find us in Leo Street - right in the CBD of the bustling township of Eulo in South West Queensland.
A mere stones throw from the Eulo Store - missed opening hours for Bunnings before you left the city ? forget it - the Eulo store has likely enough got just the thing...

Worried about world events? Well you've come to the right place - with the foresight and ingenuity of outback dwellers Eulo has its very own air raid shelter. The locals built it during World War II and it is still as good as ever it was!

Jeffrey and Janelle welcome you to:
Eulo Queen Hotel and Caravan Park
Leo St
Eulo QLD 4491

Phone: 07 46554867
  major mitchell

"As I rode my bike on a dusty track,
From Hungerford to Eulo, in the far outback,
I saw all round me big mobs of mulga trees,
Growing proud in Corner Country.

As I squatted by a fire of gidgee coals
And watched my mother bake a batch of bread rolls,
Night creatures spoke to mee..
This is out home,
 Corner Country"

by Kylie