Clancy of the Overflow  

Clancy of the Overflow's grandson tells the story of his pioneer family.

Michael Macnamara, a drover known in the 1890s as Glancy was the hero of Clancy of the Overflow. Glancy Macnamara got his nickname from his horse [The Glance]. He was born in 1848,one of 13 children of an immigrant Irish couple. His father and Banjo Paterson's father shared a property at West Wyalong at one time and there the two young men would have met. The Macnamara's first property, called The Overflow", was situated on the north side of the Murrimbidge River.

Clancy, moved his family [wife Teresa Mary and three young children] from NSW into Queensland by covered wagonette in February 1888. The family settled at Eulo where Thomas bought a butcher's shop. This was sold after about two years and Thomas took up a selection near the junction of Bow Creek and Paroo River, a few miles above Eulo.....and called it Cameroo. He ran a small dairy with cattle and sheep and also got a droving plant together and went droving in his spare time.



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